NASDS Advanced Certification Dives, Anacortes Oil Docks, 1988

Launching Deep Flight Submarine with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Oceanic Explorers

NAUI Advanced Rescue Training at Underwater Sports, Seattle

The beautiful emerald green water of the Puget Sound

Larry McLean is a Technical Dive Instructor and Explorer with thousands of logged dives. Larry has been on the leading edge of the recreational dive industry for over 25 years. He has worked in the worlds most prestigious dive programs including running recreational dive programs for the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic Explorers and the S.S. Thorfinn live-aboard in Truk Lagoon Micronesia.

Larry has had a passion for the underwater world since childhood. Growing up in Eastern Washington, Larry was hooked from the day he first borrowed his parents snorkeling gear and paddled around in the neighborhood swimming pool. He fell in love with scuba diving through watching the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and the Calypso dive team. His early dive simulations were conducted in cooperation with GI Joe Adventure Team.

An early trip to Bonaire with Project DEEP out of Amherst, MA gave Larry exposure to NAUI and the bar was set. Completing NAUI Rescue Diver Certification in 1998 Larry proceeded immediately to work on his 2+ year NAUI Leadership Training Internship. He volunteered as a Divemaster/Assistant Instructor with countless Underwater Sports Open Water Classes working under several NAUI Instructors.

In February of 1991 Larry completed his NAUI Instructor Certification (ITC) and began teaching through Underwater Sports. Larry was a driving force for NAUI Open Water courses through Underwater Sports in the early 90s. Larry and his well-trained team of NAUI Leaders hit it hard through 1993. He earned a reputation as an excellent instructor teaching NAUI OW, Advanced, Rescue and Leadership.

In late 1993 Larry went to work for Seaward Holidays, and the 170 foot S.S. Thorfinn, in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia. This was a dream job where he split his time between running the logistical operations of a 26-passenger 170-foot live-aboard and running boats and leading dives on the amazing WW II shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon. This was an eye open exposing him to a very advanced level of Deep Air Diving at a time when the Technical Dive Industry was not even in it's infancy. One of the highlights of his time with the Thorfinn was participating in the planning and preparation for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Operation Hailstone, the attack on Truk Lagoon.

In 1994 Larry was invited to work as a Summer Scuba Instructor for The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (ARAMCO) Returning Student Scuba Program. Larry spent his first summer in Aramco’s Udhailiya Compound running NAUI dive training and trips in the Arabian Gulf and the Saudi Coastal Red Sea. He went on to hold the Lead Instructor position in Aramco’s Dhahran Headquarters Compound managing dive training operations on a very large scale.

By1994 Larry was living the dream commuting between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wreck diving capital of the world, Truk Lagoon.

Returning to Truk in 1994 Larry partnered with the Chuuk State Deputy Director of Commerce and Industry and formed Banzai Dive Shop Micronesia. For a year Larry supported himself in this remote location running dive classes and selling scuba gear.

In 2002 Larry’s passion for diving and teaching led him to IANTD Advanced Nitrox and Semi Closed Circuit Rebreather certification. These were the early days of Technical Diving.

In 2011 Larry continued his Technical Dive training with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Fundamentals (Technical) certification. Since then Larry has continued his training as a Technical Dive Instructor through Hall’s Career Institute in Marathon Florida and Utila Dive Center in Utila, Honduras.

Truk Lagoon has been an important part of Larry’s dive career. In 1993 he published a simple dive guide for the S.S. Thorfinn. That publication was great at the time but with the ravages of time the wreck images are completely outdated. Larry’s current driving passion in diving is writing a new and improved diver’s guide to the shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon.

The new dive guide project kicked off with Truk Lagoon mapping Expedition in 2014 followed by another mapping expedition in 2016. The new diver’s guide to Truk Lagoon is expected to be published following a final mapping expedition in 2017.

Larry is currently the driving force in building a Technical Dive program through In-depth Scuba and Underwater Sports, Seattle. Larry holds Technical Dive Instructor certifications through NAUI, PADI and TDI.

Contact:, (206) 229-7393


  • NASDS Open Water Diver - 1988

  • NASDS Advanced Open Water - 1988

  • NAUI Rescue Diver - 1988

  • NAUI Assistant Instructor - 1988-91

  • NAUI Instructor #13054 - 1991

  • PADI Instructor #98270 - 1996

  • IANTD Advanced Nitrox/EANx - 2001

  • IANTD Drager Rebreather Diver - 2001

  • PADI Nitrox/EANx Instructor - 2002

  • GUE Fundamentals Recreational - 2010

  • DAN O2 Admin. Instructor - 2011

  • DAN Adv. O2 Admin. Instructor - 2011

  • DAN BASIC Life Support Instructor - 2011

  • GUE Fundamentals Technical Pass - 2011

  • NAUI Technical EANx - 2012

  • NAUI Decompression Techniques - 2012

  • NAUI Helitrox - 2012

  • NAUI Heliair - 2012

  • Hall's Deep Tech Instructor -2013

  • TDI Decompression Techniques - 2013

  • TDI Nitrox Gas Blender 2013

  • NAUI Technical Instructor - 2013

  • TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor -2013

  • PADI Deep Tech Instructor - 2015

  • TDI Deco. Procedures Instructor - 2015

  • PADI EFR Instructor - 2016

  • TDI Trimix Diver - 2016

  • DAN First Aid for Pro. Divers Inst.- 2016

  • DAN Hazardous Marine Life Inst. - 2016

  • DAN Neurological Assessment Inst. - 2016

  • Experience

  • Underwater Sports, Seattle

  • S.S. Thorfinn, Truk Lagoon

  • ARAMCO, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, KSA

  • Banzai Dive Shop, Truk Lagoon

  • Virgin Oceanic Explorers, Oceania

  • Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), Malta

  • NAUI Scuba Diver Training in the early 90s, Edmonds Underwater Park

    Stern section of the Nagano Maru. Deck sitting at 185 fsw. Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

    Larry with GoPro exploring the shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon 2016

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